Denny Society


The Denny society was, to the public, an eccentric social club who’s membership defies traditional cultural, racial, and economic boundaries. The club has existed in some form or another for around 150 years, although exact public records in this matter are difficult to come by. The club publicly espoused historical preservation and was a donor to many museums and heritage sites in the early part of the 20th century.

In reality, the club exists as bulwark against the various forces that collude to destroy the city of Seattle. Seattle has a strange and sordid past – only part of which exists in the historical record, and there are those who would rather use some of Seattle’s supernatural resources for the own devices – to the detriment of its citizens. The Denny Society exists to combat these forces.


  • The society currently operates out of the Denny Hall Sanctuary
  • The only known current members of the Denny Society are the PCs
  • In order to join the society, the ritual of membership must be performed.
  • The ritual of membership only works on certain people. It is not currently understood what qualifies one for membership, but it appears to have some hereditary aspect.
  • No known members until 2012 when (Mike’s Character) discovers the Denny Hall Sanctuary
  • The Society has prevented several major supernatural disasters in the past.
    • But in many cases these were more patch-up jobs than real fixes

Denny Society

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