The Conjunction

An algorithm for the conjunction of recursive temporal toroidal anomalies and methodology for use of the same is a math-magical sequence given to Zapata Singh by Dr Fred Wazcowski.

After understanding the sequence to the extent that she could analytically, Zapata ran the sequence on an air-gapped computer in the Denny Hall Sanctuary on June 16, 2012, but it had no effect. Analysis indicated this was due to an issue with the environment in which it was executed. She ran it again with the door open, and was transported, along with most of her computer, 4 days into the past. She then spent the next 4 days hiding and attempting to avoid contact with as many people as possible and learning more about the conjunction.

The conjunction allows a trained user to direct objects and people down particular flows of time (See The Nature of Time and Space), in effect causing travel in time and space. It does not allow arbitrary time-travel, because you are still subject to the eddies available in near proximity to the user. Use within pocket universes also seems to not work, perhaps because there is insufficient turbulence in the local continuum.

A great deal more study would be required to figure out how to use this approach in a more specific way to have more control over the outcome, but Zapata can at this point at least control the target of the invocation, given suitable technological setup.

The Conjunction

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