Lucas Maloof

High Concept: Activist Priest of Horus



Base Refresh: 11

Item of Power (Wedjat necklace): +2
Inhuman Toughness (catch: underground): -2

Bless This House: -1

Sponsored Magic (Horus): -3

  • Channeling
    • +1 Power bonus (solar)
    • Focus item slots 1 & 2 (faiance ankh): +1 offensive & defensive power (Conviction), Horus

Thaumaturgy (Divination + Horus): -3

  • +1 Complexity Bonus
  • Focus item slot 1: +1 channeling (Conviction), scrying
  • Focus item slot 2: +1 control (Discipline), wards

Final Refresh: 4


Superb +5: Discipline
Great +4: Lore, Empathy
Good +3: Conviction, Contacts, Rapport, Scholarship
Fair +2: Presence, Athletics, Endurance, Weapons
Average +1: Driving, Investigation, Alertness, Resources, Stealth

Rote Spells

  • Aegis of Horus: 3(4) shift Block (requires focus). Manifests as 2 points of armor.
  • Burning Light of Horus: 3(4) shift Attack (requires focus). Single target fire attack.
  • Counterspell of Horus: 3(4) shift Counterspell (requires focus).
  • Brilliant Light of Horus 3(4) shift Maneuver (requires focus). Scene scope, 2 exchange duration.

Fate Points

Current: 3


Physical: O O O O O
Mental: O O O O
Social: O O O



Temporary Aspects

  • None


5/21/13: +1 skill point (spent – Stealth)
4/10/14: +1 refresh/fate, +1 skill point (spent – Scholarship + 1)
5/15/14: +1 skill points (spent – Scholarship + 1)
10/2/14: +1 skill point, +1 refresh


Horusian Name: Horwedja
American Name: Lucas Maloof


Do or do not. There is no try.

Phase 1, Background

Aspect: “Have no doubts: vengeance will be mine, invader.”

Raised by his father in Yesler Terrace, his mother having died in childbirth. His father was a leader in the immigrant community of Yesler Terrace, serving as a kind of godfather to newcomers and established families alike. When he came of age, his father inducted him into the Cult of Horus, preparing him for his inheritance of being the leader of the small cabal of followers in the Seattle area. When he was 17, his father, a man of peace, was drawn into a short, sharp war with a cabal of cultists of Set led by a dark sorcerer-priest. Being just a dumb kid and really wanting to exercise the powers he’d learned, he got himself into an ambush and his father was slain while rescuing him. Overcome with rage, grief, and guilt, he went on a vendetta and hunted down the sorcerer and his cultists, killing them all. But in the end, the revenge left him feeling even more empty. He then moved in with his aged grandfather in Yesler Terrace.

Phase 2, Rising Conflict

Aspect: “Peace brothers. We are stronger together”

A period of introspection and realignment for him. With his father dead and the community in Yesler Terrace looking for a new leader, he reanalyzed the teachings of his father and began his life’s work of bringing peace to the community of Yesler Terrace and becoming the leader-priest of Horus. The divisions in the community allowed the cult of Set to take root and he began his life’s work to never let that happen again. He has been tireless in this mission ever since. During this time he also took a pilgrimage to the Horusian temple at Edfu, Egypt and met Horus and his inner circle for the first time.

Phase 3, The Story

Aspect: “The streets are no place for someone like you”

Gets a feeling that the night will be dark and full of terror, so he collects Joseph “Joe” Mahkook and Scott “Skip” Robinson from the UW to be ready. They head down to Discovery Park when a huge, thick fog bank rolls in at dusk, trapping dozens of innocent civilians in the park. A huge storm whips up as well, and Joe and Lucas help the norms escape the park while Fomor Minions rise from the surf and come ashore. They spend the night smashing the fish men back into the water with the help of Ivar Haglund.

Phase 4, Guest Star

Aspect: “Nothing is hidden from the stars.”

On the night of the full moon, Lucas is concerned for Jeremiah Cain and tracks him to the Underground using Thaumaturgic astrology. Piss off the Raven spirit of the Unseelie Court while we beat a hasty retreat.

Phase 5, Guest Star #2

Aspect: For the Society


Rights & Wrongs
  • Authority: Used to being a leader, authority deserves respect
  • The Law: Must be upheld, but puts tenets of Horus and a strong moral code above temporal law
  • Lying: Truth is power and lying is rarely ever the right thing to do.
  • Habits: Morning, noon, and moonrise prayers
  • Other People: There is worth in everyone and they should be protected so they can find it. Opportunity should exist for all
  • Magic/White Council: A powerful organization that could be a tool for good, but cannot be trusted as their agenda is their own
  • Killing: Only when necessary to defend those that cannot defend themselves
  • Cheating: When it harms others, which it often does, it should be avoided
Friends and Foes
  • Friend: Tayten MacCormic, former gang leader (East African Posse) in Yesler Terrace. Helped him get out of the gang world and now helps him with his community activism
  • Ally: Officer Sarah Lindon, on the narcotics squad. Helped her out may time in the past in Yesler Terrace
  • Ally: Ivar Haglund, stood with him against the fog on a number of occasions
  • Feuder foe: Demarco Williams. Folk Nation gang leader. Lucas helped Officer Lindon convict a friend.
  • Rival foe: Roy Mayne, White Council Wizard (TODO)
  1. Learn more about the nature of the fog
  2. Help make sure Joe makes it through college
  3. Investigate the Denny Society and our connection to it
  4. Find out more about the journal
  5. Get better stuff (TODO)

Lucas Maloof

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