John Graham

An unknown socialite


John Thomas Graham is the grandson of John Graham Sr. and son of John Graham. Both his grandfather and father are historic architects in the Seattle area through their company John Graham & Co., he has a sister named Jane Sutherland. He is also a member of the Seattle Yacht Club.

He was found dead in a bathtub during a party held by a wizard named Prospero. Investigations indicated that he was murdered by a member of a group of wildfae known as the Thespians.

He is referenced in Journal Entry 2

  • Born 1946, thin frame, wavy white hair, a bit sloppy, but attempt at refined
  • Grandfather, John Graham, was one of the co-founders of , and John Graham the third still has a membership
  • Sister claims that he’s often seen wildly drunk in the company of loose women.
  • John Graham was found stabbed to death in the Macbeth’s bathtub, during Prospero’s Macbeth party.

John Graham

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