A list of names

This is a list of names given to you by Jane Sutherland. She claimed to have found it among her brother’s effects. She believed it was connected to the Denny Society, and may have been a list of leaders of some kind.

The list is written on Vellum in black ink. At the top of the page is an embossing of the same symbol seen in the Denny Hall Sanctuary. Each name seems to be written in a different hand, and most of the names Have been scratched out.

It reads as follows:

1856: David Denny Arthur Denny
1900: Arthur Denny John Graham
1903: David Denny David J Myers
1939: David J Myers John Graham Jr
1955: John Graham Sr Douglas Henslow
1991: John Graham Jr Reginald Reuel Robinson

Sometime after receiving the list, but no later than June 14th, the following line was added to the list:

2012: Douglas Henslow

A list of names

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