Tyson Matthews

A Suspicious Sorcerer


Tyson Matthews is a sorcerer, first encountered by the society members at Gas Works Park on October 23rd, 2011. At that time, he was performing a ritual, funneling the heavy fog that lay over the city on that evening into the remains of the pipe network that feeds into the old remains of the Seattle Gas Light Company. After being subdued, Russ’ Character had him charged with possession using a planted bag of cocaine.

Tyson Matthews was again encountered later, after stealing items from each of the society members, and interrupted during a ritual in the PacMed Building which saw the conversion or death of Michelle Clarkson into a horrible statuette. Tyson attempted to flee with the statuette, but was grievously disfigured by attacks from Joseph “Joe” Mahkook and Jeremiah Cain, and he only escaped with his life, barely.

Tyson Matthews

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