Scott "Skip" Robinson

Super athletic, super popular, super rich ... and super annoying


Name: Scott Robinson
Nicknames: Skip, Champ

High Concept: Big Man on Campus
Athletic, Charismatic, Well-connected, Well-to-do

Trouble: Ever the Hero
Ever since anyone can remember, Skip has been the hero. Perhaps it is his faith in himself, or perhaps his natural ability and desire to help, or perhaps it is just dumb luck or fate, either way and in all things Skip has a way of coming to the rescue. But being the hero has not always a good thing, though. Fate is not always kind, and there have been plenty of times when it has lured him to within inches of his doom. Now is such a time again, though Skip is oblivious to the poison in its sweet call. All Skip knows is that he loves to be the hero. And hasn’t he always come out on top?

Background: Natural Born Champion
Scott’s father raised him well. From the time he was able to walk, Scott was tutored and mentored in all things martial and athletic; he was hardened in body and spirit. But in truth, little of this training mattered. Skip was born to be a champion.

Rising Conflict: O Captain! My Captain!
Reginald Ruel Robinson was by all accounts a good father. Not always present, but a good one nonetheless. Skip always dealt fairly well with the travel and long hours his father had to work for his career. “Father does important things.”, Skip would say to himself and others, “It is a small sacrifice to pay for the life he has given us.” But now? Now the Rock of Skip’s life, his lifelong captain, his father, has been gone a long time. Too long in Skip’s experience. He tries not to worry (and indeed, that is not Skip’s way), but he cannot shake the feeling that something is severely amiss.

Aspect: Quitters Never Win Because Winners Never Quit
(See Lucas Malouf’s page – These Streets are no Place for Someone Like You)

Aspect: Panic is for Pussies … (Jeremiah Cain)
Skip and Jeremiah become fast friends after a hotly contested high school football game where Jeremiah’s Rainier Beach team upset Bellarmine Prep. At an after party for the team and hanger’s-on in the foothills of the Cascades, Ghouls set upon the teenage partiers. Everyone panics and if not for the bravery and might of Skip and Miah, the Ghouls would have most certainly claimed a victim or two. Though the attack is blamed on Roosevelt High hoodlums, Skip and Miah are certain what they fought wasn’t natural, not that anything bother’s Skip.

Aspect: For the Society! (All)

Refresh: 5

Skill points: 38

+5 Superb Athletics, Resources
+4 Great Conviction, Presence
+3 Good Endurance, Weapons, Contacts
+2 Fair Might, Alertness, Rapport,
+1 Average Fists, Scholarship, Discipline, Empathy, Guns

The Teflon Kid (Too Fast to Hit – Athletics)
Very Much the 0.01% (Lush Lifestyle – Resources)
Whatever, Dude, I’ve Totally Got it (Tower of Faith – Conviction)
Forget the Coach, I’m Calling The Plays (Leadership – Presence)
Keeps a Lickin’ Keeps on Kicking Ass! (Tough Stuff – Endurance)
Right Arm Rocket Launcher (Good Arm – Weapons)
Dress to Impress (Best Foot Forward – Rapport)


Scott "Skip" Robinson

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