Joseph "Joe" Mahkook

Outcast Suquamish Sorcerer


High Concept: Outcast Suquamish Sorcerer
Trouble: Barely understood, much less contained, power

Rough first cut.

Joseph “Joe” Mahkook is a half white, half Suquamish sorcerer. Joe is the result of a brief affair his mother Sarah had with a white man when she was 19. His father quickly left when he found out Joe’s mother was pregnant and to this day Joe does not even know his name. His mother remarried when Joe was five and his relationship with his stepfather John has been rocky at best.

Joe grew up poor on the Port Madison Indian reservation but his early childhood was otherwise uneventful until puberty. At around 13 Joe began to manifest powers that he still doesn’t understand. At first it was small explainable things like televisions turning off whenever he was near but it gradually grew to more serious events like very localized earth tremors.

While his mother always laughed off his claims of mysterious events as the product of an overactive imagination his stepfather was downright hostile and would often beat Joe for lying or being the spawn of the devil. The tribal elders were of no help either and would often talk in whispered voices whenever Joe was around.

The closest thing Joe ever got to actual information about who or what he was was from a conversation he had with an older tribal member who would actually talk to Joe about what was happening. Unfortunately the old man was well known for being the town kook. He alternately accused Joe of being the region’s doom to being it’s savior. He claimed magic was once common among the Suquamish and that Joe was the first magical imbued member of the tribe in over 100 years. He made wild claims about Chief Sealth (Seattle) being a powerful wizard. So powerful in fact he was considered an equal in some sort of “White Man’s Council”. As always though the white man broke his word and something tragic happened with the early white settlers. Since that event no Suquamish could touch magic. Joe never put much stock in anything the old man said as he was obviously crazy.

In his senior year in high school Joe’s mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. The six months she had left to live were made all the more painful by Joe’s inability to visit her in the hospital as that always seemed to make things much worse. Within days of her death Joe’s step father kicked Joe out of the house he had grown up in. Possessed by a rage he had never felt before Joe tried to harness and direct the power he had always fought to suppress before. The end result of which was the destruction of his childhood home and his stepfather in the hospital with four broken bones.

Despite never being formally charged with anything by the tribal police Joe was informally banished from the reservation by the elders. Seeing this as huge injustice over something that is not even his fault Joe left the reservation to start his freshman year at the UW under scholarship. He has not talked to any other tribal member since the day he left.

Joseph "Joe" Mahkook

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