Alma Kruger

1940s Actress


This name was given to you by the The Red Box in reference to an elderly woman shown in several of the Horrific Photos

Alma Kruger was an Actress in 1930s-1940s.

Obituaries state natural causes, but tabloids:

“Movie Star buys the farm: We’re sure to remember Alma Kruger as nurse Molly Byrd from Dr. Kildare/Dr. Gillespie. Well, this nurse is could have used some doctoring, since she was stabbed to death last night at a crazy masquerade party! Don’t read any further unless you’ve got a cast iron stomach!

Reliable sources tell your humble reporter that her body was found last night in Hamilton Viewpoint Park overlooking Elliot Bay! Apparently it was a real bloodbath where more than a dozen people bit it! No other names have surfaced, and the police are clueless as to who might have gone on this depraved rampage. Half the corpses were wearing masks – it could have been anybody!"

Alma Kruger

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