Rain City

The Safety Deposit Box Aftermath

June 12-14, 2012.

After escaping the bank of fog overwhelming the FDIC warehouse, Lucas, Zapata, and Jeremiah head back to the city. They stop at both Lucas’ and Zapata’s homes to pick up various valuables, before heading to the Denny Hall Sanctuary to hide from anyone that might be looking for them after the days events at both the warehouse and the FDIC offices downtown.

The three open the safety deposit box to find the following items:

A set of photos depicting perverse and disturbing sexual acts.
Three accounting ledgers, which are encoded
A small rough stone with a symbol of a partially closed eye on it, similar to the one that was in the buried box in the cemetery
An 8" cube box made of some sort of red wood, perhaps cherry.

Jeremiah finds himself being lured out into the night, and goes out on the town. Nobody hears from him until the evening of the next day where he’s found naked in a marsh in Edmonds.

Zapata goes to work decoding the ledgers, contacts are called, research is performed. The following interesting pieces of information are discovered.

A man named Edgar Ramonez was known to the White Council to be a sorcerer operating in the 50s and 60s, although they only found out about it after some vigilantes had dealt with him already. The Warden who was in charge of Seattle at the time died in the Vampire War. Edgar Ramonez is featured in all of the photos, and a sketch of him was found in Douglas Henslow’s Notebook. Public records of him indicate he was a popular and prominent businessman who owned several retail businesses in Seattle in the 50s. Tax records indicate he owned a personal property on Mercer Island and a Farm in Duvall. His taxes were submitted by someone named Abraham Rosenblum.

The box contains a strange sculpture that is very difficult to focus on. You feel, any time you look at it, vaguely uneasy and have a strange belief that it wants you to ask it questions. Zapata does this at one point regarding an old woman in the photos and receives the name Alma Kruger

The list of names has an updated entry, striking the name of Douglas Henslow from it. Lucas called the hospital where he’s staying and was informed Henslow had died in his sleep.


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