Rain City

The Missing

May 3, 2012

  • Jimmy Price, another Lycan from the football team knocks on the door of the Sanctuary, having been brought there earlier by Jeremiah
  • Jimmy’s girlfriend, Michelle Clarkson has gone missing.
  • The group heads to her dorm, where Skippy convinces the RA to let them into her room.
  • Joe steals a hairbrush from her room while Skippy distracts the RA.
  • Joe gets the brilliant stupid idea to use his sight on the room.
  • Joe is overwhelmed by the sheer rampant sexual energy in the room. It’s like teenagers have been banging in here for decades. Before passing out from exhaustion, he sees (with the sight) that the outside wall of her room is absent, and that a howling wind is blowing through the room and out the window.
  • Skippy and the now unconscious Joe head to the Hospital
  • Jimmy and Jeremiah go out on the town.
  • Jeremiah, who is somewhat amped up due to the nearly full moon, gets the idea to find a nerd.
  • Jeremiah’s raging nerd hunt bears fruit. He finds a terrified nerd who tells him that Michelle has not been seen in class in two days, and he thinks she spends time with Dr Fred Wazcowski, the prof of the class they share.
  • The following day (May 4th), Jeremiah sees a photo of Michelle on a poster that Jimmy decided to put up, asking for information about her. This photo matches the one found in Journal Entry 2.
  • Skippy and Lucas drive to the Seattle Yacht Club, where Skippy is a member.
  • Zapata books a meeting with Dr. Fred on May 8th, to discuss an outreach program.
  • Skippy and Lucas, before eating lunch at the club, explore the clubhouse, and find a bell in the lighthouse tower. Lucas rings this bell, and it appears to extend a ward, all around the yacht club and across the Montlake cut to the north, completely closing off the waterway.
  • Skippy and Lucas return to the Sanctuary and meet up with everyone else.
  • They sync regarding the photo, and Lucas performs another tracking spell using the hairbrush Joe stole.
  • Hopping in Skippy’s car, they follow the signal to PacMed Building, inside which they will presumably find Michelle Clarkson.


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