Rain City

The First Adventure

October 23, 2011

  • Brian’s character gets word from the paranet forums of someone screwing around in Gas Works Park.
    • Records in the Denny Hall Sanctuary indicate that your predecessors in the Denny Society foiled a plot to use the facilities of the Seattle Gas Light Company to cast a ritual on the entire city.
    • The Coal Gasification Plant had a direction connection into every home and streetlight in Seattle, effectively bypassing wards and creating a giant networked grid.
    • Your predecessors arranged for the Gasification Plant to be closed and for much (but not all of the pipe network to be dismantled. Nevertheless, it needs to be monitored.
  • A man by the name of Tyson Matthews is found there, using a ritual to magically pumping the fog into the pipe network.
  • After subduing him, Russ’ Character plants a bag of cocaine on him and arrests him for possession.


Morphix Morphix

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