Rain City

Connections Meeting

May 1st, 2012

  • In the morning, Lucas meets up with Detective Sarah Linden, a friend of his, at local coffee place.
  • He brings up the name Solokov with her, and learns that this may be Yevigney Solokov, a local boss for the Seattle arm of the Solntsevkaya Bratva, the largest faction of the Russian Mafia.
  • He is warned that the Bratva are vicious and brutal. The leaders are used to the harsh world of Soviet prisons, and think of American jails like vacation houses.
  • The Police have been warned not to touch Solokov, he’s a matter for the Feds.
  • Later that afternoon, Lucas and Zapata meet at Calamity Jane’s, and discuss the previous night’s events. Pete joins them shortly thereafter.
  • Pete uses his Police Computer to do some lookup on John Graham, but doesn’t come up with any criminal records (or rather comes up with several, but it’s unclear which John Graham they’re talking about).
  • Zapata searches online and finds the obituary for John Graham Jr. in the New York Times, dated Feb 1, 1991 which states that he is survived by “Two daughters, Jane Sutherland of Mercer Island, Wash., and Barbara Graham of Santa Rosa, Calif.; a son, John T. Graham of Seattle, and seven grandchildren”. It also indicates that he was affiliated with the Seattle Yacht Club.
  • Jane Sutherland of Mercer Island has a Washington DMV record, according to Pete’s computer.
  • The group heads back up to the Sanctuary so that Pete can look at the Journal Entry.
  • On the way they stop by the Seattle Yacht Club, but make no attempt to enter.
  • Pete, like Jeremiah the night before, finds the door stiffer than usual.
  • Pete attempts to use his Psychometric powers on the Journal entry, but gets a seething migraine instead.
  • Further research into the Yacht Club is conducted, including looking up the articles of incorporation and the entry in the National Historic Register.
  • These documents indicate that John Graham Sr. was one of the founding members of the SYC, and that both he and his son John Graham Jr. were architects of the club house, and avid yachtsmen.


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