Rain City

Another Note

April 30th, 2012

  • Lucas, ‘Miah, Zapata, and Joe meet for the regularly scheduled Thursday meeting, this week it’s at the Denny Hall Sanctuary.
  • Jeremiah notices that the door to the Sanctuary has started becoming stiffer of late. Basically everyone else blows him off.
  • While the others are discussing various goings on, Lucas has gotten there early and has been going through some papers from the two bookshelves that haven’t been sorted through yet.
  • Among them he finds a singed manila envelope, containing Journal Entry 2.
  • Unlike Journal Entry 1, the second journal entry is covered in rusty-brown blotches, vaguely covered in soot of some kind, and has sewing needles threaded through it. It is also written in a frenetic, scratching hand (appearing to be his own).
  • The envelope also contains a photograph of what appears to be a girl, wearing reasonably fashionable clothing, sitting on some steps. Her face has been burned out of the photo as if with a cigarette.
  • Jeremiah and Joe recognize the background in the photo as being shot on UW campus.
  • Jeremiah also locates a small book in the bookshelves, with a cover made of synthetic petrified wood, with a bronze owl emblem on the cover. The book contains blank lined paper approximately the same size as the journal entries.
  • After discussing the Journal Entry, Lucas prepares a tracking ritual, using some of the soot, while Zapata heads off to the library before it closes.
  • Lucas’ ritual seems to be generally pointing in most directions, but gets hotter whenver he gets near any building. He and Joe hop on a bus and it seems to get warmer as they approach the city as well.
  • Zapata tracks down some of the references on the Journal entry in the library.
    • Oliver Gardiner is the President of the Seattle Yacht Club
    • John Graham is the name of a deceased architect who was famous in the early to mid 20th century. Notable he is responsible for designing the Space Needle.
    • The laboratory on Beacon Hill could possibly refer to the Pacific Medical building, now owned by a company called Scion Inc.
    • Having learned something – and taking these missives a little more seriously than before – the group heads their separate ways, to meet up again the following week.


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