Rain City

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

June 16

Meeting with Clint Eastwood, find out about the three inner circle members of Ramonez’ Cult
Zapata goes back in time.
Found out some background about George Wazcowski

Eddies and Edgars

June 14, 2012

Alma Kruger
Skip visits the old Ramonez mansion
Joe opens his eye in Hamilton Viewpoint Park
The Police Report
Ramonez’s Housekeeper
Timeloop outside the home
Setting up a meeting with Clint Eastwood.

The Safety Deposit Box Aftermath

June 12-14, 2012.

After escaping the bank of fog overwhelming the FDIC warehouse, Lucas, Zapata, and Jeremiah head back to the city. They stop at both Lucas’ and Zapata’s homes to pick up various valuables, before heading to the Denny Hall Sanctuary to hide from anyone that might be looking for them after the days events at both the warehouse and the FDIC offices downtown.

The three open the safety deposit box to find the following items:

A set of photos depicting perverse and disturbing sexual acts.
Three accounting ledgers, which are encoded
A small rough stone with a symbol of a partially closed eye on it, similar to the one that was in the buried box in the cemetery
An 8" cube box made of some sort of red wood, perhaps cherry.

Jeremiah finds himself being lured out into the night, and goes out on the town. Nobody hears from him until the evening of the next day where he’s found naked in a marsh in Edmonds.

Zapata goes to work decoding the ledgers, contacts are called, research is performed. The following interesting pieces of information are discovered.

A man named Edgar Ramonez was known to the White Council to be a sorcerer operating in the 50s and 60s, although they only found out about it after some vigilantes had dealt with him already. The Warden who was in charge of Seattle at the time died in the Vampire War. Edgar Ramonez is featured in all of the photos, and a sketch of him was found in Douglas Henslow’s Notebook. Public records of him indicate he was a popular and prominent businessman who owned several retail businesses in Seattle in the 50s. Tax records indicate he owned a personal property on Mercer Island and a Farm in Duvall. His taxes were submitted by someone named Abraham Rosenblum.

The box contains a strange sculpture that is very difficult to focus on. You feel, any time you look at it, vaguely uneasy and have a strange belief that it wants you to ask it questions. Zapata does this at one point regarding an old woman in the photos and receives the name Alma Kruger

The list of names has an updated entry, striking the name of Douglas Henslow from it. Lucas called the hospital where he’s staying and was informed Henslow had died in his sleep.

The Missing

May 3, 2012

  • Jimmy Price, another Lycan from the football team knocks on the door of the Sanctuary, having been brought there earlier by Jeremiah
  • Jimmy’s girlfriend, Michelle Clarkson has gone missing.
  • The group heads to her dorm, where Skippy convinces the RA to let them into her room.
  • Joe steals a hairbrush from her room while Skippy distracts the RA.
  • Joe gets the brilliant stupid idea to use his sight on the room.
  • Joe is overwhelmed by the sheer rampant sexual energy in the room. It’s like teenagers have been banging in here for decades. Before passing out from exhaustion, he sees (with the sight) that the outside wall of her room is absent, and that a howling wind is blowing through the room and out the window.
  • Skippy and the now unconscious Joe head to the Hospital
  • Jimmy and Jeremiah go out on the town.
  • Jeremiah, who is somewhat amped up due to the nearly full moon, gets the idea to find a nerd.
  • Jeremiah’s raging nerd hunt bears fruit. He finds a terrified nerd who tells him that Michelle has not been seen in class in two days, and he thinks she spends time with Dr Fred Wazcowski, the prof of the class they share.
  • The following day (May 4th), Jeremiah sees a photo of Michelle on a poster that Jimmy decided to put up, asking for information about her. This photo matches the one found in Journal Entry 2.
  • Skippy and Lucas drive to the Seattle Yacht Club, where Skippy is a member.
  • Zapata books a meeting with Dr. Fred on May 8th, to discuss an outreach program.
  • Skippy and Lucas, before eating lunch at the club, explore the clubhouse, and find a bell in the lighthouse tower. Lucas rings this bell, and it appears to extend a ward, all around the yacht club and across the Montlake cut to the north, completely closing off the waterway.
  • Skippy and Lucas return to the Sanctuary and meet up with everyone else.
  • They sync regarding the photo, and Lucas performs another tracking spell using the hairbrush Joe stole.
  • Hopping in Skippy’s car, they follow the signal to PacMed Building, inside which they will presumably find Michelle Clarkson.
Connections Meeting

May 1st, 2012

  • In the morning, Lucas meets up with Detective Sarah Linden, a friend of his, at local coffee place.
  • He brings up the name Solokov with her, and learns that this may be Yevigney Solokov, a local boss for the Seattle arm of the Solntsevkaya Bratva, the largest faction of the Russian Mafia.
  • He is warned that the Bratva are vicious and brutal. The leaders are used to the harsh world of Soviet prisons, and think of American jails like vacation houses.
  • The Police have been warned not to touch Solokov, he’s a matter for the Feds.
  • Later that afternoon, Lucas and Zapata meet at Calamity Jane’s, and discuss the previous night’s events. Pete joins them shortly thereafter.
  • Pete uses his Police Computer to do some lookup on John Graham, but doesn’t come up with any criminal records (or rather comes up with several, but it’s unclear which John Graham they’re talking about).
  • Zapata searches online and finds the obituary for John Graham Jr. in the New York Times, dated Feb 1, 1991 which states that he is survived by “Two daughters, Jane Sutherland of Mercer Island, Wash., and Barbara Graham of Santa Rosa, Calif.; a son, John T. Graham of Seattle, and seven grandchildren”. It also indicates that he was affiliated with the Seattle Yacht Club.
  • Jane Sutherland of Mercer Island has a Washington DMV record, according to Pete’s computer.
  • The group heads back up to the Sanctuary so that Pete can look at the Journal Entry.
  • On the way they stop by the Seattle Yacht Club, but make no attempt to enter.
  • Pete, like Jeremiah the night before, finds the door stiffer than usual.
  • Pete attempts to use his Psychometric powers on the Journal entry, but gets a seething migraine instead.
  • Further research into the Yacht Club is conducted, including looking up the articles of incorporation and the entry in the National Historic Register.
  • These documents indicate that John Graham Sr. was one of the founding members of the SYC, and that both he and his son John Graham Jr. were architects of the club house, and avid yachtsmen.
Another Note

April 30th, 2012

  • Lucas, ‘Miah, Zapata, and Joe meet for the regularly scheduled Thursday meeting, this week it’s at the Denny Hall Sanctuary.
  • Jeremiah notices that the door to the Sanctuary has started becoming stiffer of late. Basically everyone else blows him off.
  • While the others are discussing various goings on, Lucas has gotten there early and has been going through some papers from the two bookshelves that haven’t been sorted through yet.
  • Among them he finds a singed manila envelope, containing Journal Entry 2.
  • Unlike Journal Entry 1, the second journal entry is covered in rusty-brown blotches, vaguely covered in soot of some kind, and has sewing needles threaded through it. It is also written in a frenetic, scratching hand (appearing to be his own).
  • The envelope also contains a photograph of what appears to be a girl, wearing reasonably fashionable clothing, sitting on some steps. Her face has been burned out of the photo as if with a cigarette.
  • Jeremiah and Joe recognize the background in the photo as being shot on UW campus.
  • Jeremiah also locates a small book in the bookshelves, with a cover made of synthetic petrified wood, with a bronze owl emblem on the cover. The book contains blank lined paper approximately the same size as the journal entries.
  • After discussing the Journal Entry, Lucas prepares a tracking ritual, using some of the soot, while Zapata heads off to the library before it closes.
  • Lucas’ ritual seems to be generally pointing in most directions, but gets hotter whenver he gets near any building. He and Joe hop on a bus and it seems to get warmer as they approach the city as well.
  • Zapata tracks down some of the references on the Journal entry in the library.
    • Oliver Gardiner is the President of the Seattle Yacht Club
    • John Graham is the name of a deceased architect who was famous in the early to mid 20th century. Notable he is responsible for designing the Space Needle.
    • The laboratory on Beacon Hill could possibly refer to the Pacific Medical building, now owned by a company called Scion Inc.
    • Having learned something – and taking these missives a little more seriously than before – the group heads their separate ways, to meet up again the following week.
The First Adventure

October 23, 2011

  • Brian’s character gets word from the paranet forums of someone screwing around in Gas Works Park.
    • Records in the Denny Hall Sanctuary indicate that your predecessors in the Denny Society foiled a plot to use the facilities of the Seattle Gas Light Company to cast a ritual on the entire city.
    • The Coal Gasification Plant had a direction connection into every home and streetlight in Seattle, effectively bypassing wards and creating a giant networked grid.
    • Your predecessors arranged for the Gasification Plant to be closed and for much (but not all of the pipe network to be dismantled. Nevertheless, it needs to be monitored.
  • A man by the name of Tyson Matthews is found there, using a ritual to magically pumping the fog into the pipe network.
  • After subduing him, Russ’ Character plants a bag of cocaine on him and arrests him for possession.

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